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-sex marriage. the court is expected to announce whether it will review the legality of prop 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. the court may take up federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to same-sex couples flash flood the court does review prop 8, a ruling will come -- before june if the justices refuse to hear the case lower court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional would stand allowing weddings to resume within days. stay with the abc7 morning news if announcement comes during this newscast we'll buy it to you right way. >>> storm watch in the aftermath of weekend storms that hit northern california one of the hardest hit areas in a lafayette neighborhood big sinkhole there we have a reporter on scene we'll tell you more. on mountain view near mount diablo boulevard. we'll check in with amy hollyfield. >>> people who live in a vallejo mobile home park are back home after being flooded out over the weekend. the mobile park was under water yesterday as a creek feeding the lake overflowed whitewater rapids flowing through the middle of that mobile home park.
-sex couples could finally get an answer about whether they can get married in california where the highest court meets this morning. supreme court justices are expected to discuss challenges to prop 8, the california ban on gay marriage and whether they will consider the case in the coming months. lower court ruling struck down the voter approved measure if the justices decide not to take the case the ruling would stand and gay and lesbian couples could get married as soon as next week. download our apps find them all at >>> arizona sheriff joe arpaio is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. this morning, he's set to visit san francisco, a city known to be immigrant-friendly. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: speaking here today, speaking to an alarm company convention they are going to be meeting at the park 55 he is not only the most controversial sheriff in america he has always called himself the toughest sheriff in america which makes this next picture funny. pictures from last night he walked down the street here makes a dichotomy going on. a
into southern california where in san diego they do have a fire weather watch. so sunshine here today and tomorrow it's going to be pretty nice. but by wednesday we see the cloud cover and rain along the sonoma county coast. not a lot of rain. it's a cold system. but mild temperatures today and the next couple days out ahead of it. 63 sacramento, 74 calm springs. low 60s for richmond and san francisco. everyone else mid-60s from livermore and san jose. watsonville, no day there for the tree lighting at 5:00. it will be in the 60s this afternoon and the menorah lighting at union square will be cool, but no weather problems. scattered showers on wednesday. i don't think we will see heavy rain out of the system. then by next weekend it still could be a little unsettled. >> but this is a forecast the retailers will certainly like. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. dan harris is joining us live now from new york to tell us what is coming up on your show. good morning. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. good morning to lisa and good morning to eve
series of storms to sweep through northern california is here. we have live team storm coverage. let's begin with our meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the storm will live doppler 7 hd. >> good morning, everyone. your eye goes right to the red and this is where it is draped from the sacramento valley back to clear lake and windsor and santa rosa. the back edge has been pushing through ukiah and with it the very gusty winds preceding the gusts. we have wind gusts up to 51 miles an hour at the airport, 38 miles an hour winds from hayward. a little lighter but still at the higher elevations you are seeing 63 miles an hour wind gusts down to about 2,000 feet down in the south bay. here's the north bay. look at the heavy rain from richmond, martinez and berkeley, now pushing into the east bay. and 580 and back westward. 280 in san francisco. not only looking it he rain but gusty winds. lighter rains into fremont and union city and the south bay. this will all continue to increase throughout the day. the first half of the day looking much, much different than the second half. caroly
at the happiest place on earth. what left disneyland in the dark? >>> honoring harvey milk, the california county changing its mind about the late san francisco supervisor. >>> another live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on carpool lanes the way to go if you can. sluggish upper deck into san francisco, we'll come back after the break with more details on that northbound i-5 closure north of yreka, if you are traveling, you will not be able to get through. details coming8tes0p0p >>> it is wednesday december 19th, thank you so much for joining us at 6:30. live look outside what you can't see is how chilly it is. you might see frost on windshield. i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. freeze warning as well, a lot of cold news, meteorologist mike nicco with the latest. >>> clear air not a cloud to be found not a radar return all those things could keep temperature up they are not showing up. officially, here's some of the temperatures around, upper 20s fairfield, napa, santa rosa, i did see a 24° in fremont for the cool spot right now. san francisco. frosty spots around the bay, 30 to
there is a chance of a thunderstorm and some rain in parts of southern california. >> there, not here? >> yeah, there. good clarification. but you should be okay for the parade. here's a live look outside for the embarcadero. the ferry building and bay bridge. i'll have all the details of your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> also ahead, the resurgent warriors tie a franchise record with a big win over the boston celtics. rick kwan has all the hi >> lots of people are on holiday and they want to know what's going on new year's eve >> no rainfall but you want to bundle up because it will be cool with clear conditions the next few days. we will start off with a beautiful live shot, looking down toward san francisco and the bay and parts of the east bay. there are some high clouds passing through, but no rainfall. we will show you live doppler 7hd, how quiet it is right now, as it does a sweep around the bay area. so just some cloud cover, but nothing falling in terms of precipitation. it does mean cool numbers, though, in santa rosa and fairfield. 34 degrees. look out for some patchy fog as
lane blocked in san jose. >>> california voters said yes to prop 30, the new impact it is expected to have on the state's bottom line. >>> java jolt for starbucks, new plans just here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> welcome back. 6:15. sacramento and ward streets where they intersect in berkeley, light to moderate rain for the better part of the last two hours be prepared as you head out. live doppler 7 hd, you can see that wall of light to moderate rain moving through the heart of the bay and moreover the coast ready to move across the peninsula and -- head towards the east bay shore this is going to taper but this morning you've got to be careful this is when the heaviest of the rain scattered showers and low to mid 60s this afternoon next three days drying trend slightly cooler but you will love the sunshine. >>> report released overnight predicting impact of prop 30 on the state's economy. katie marzullo is live in the ne
california. first quake registered 6.3, a strong one that hit at 2:36 this morning. second a quake probably an aftershock hit roughly the same area 15 minutes later and measured 4.7. both of quakes hit 150 miles southwest of catalina island. a tsunami warning has not issued. >>> students returning this morning to two cupertino schools after a bomb scare yesterday will notice extra security in place. terry mcsweeney is live at montevista high school with details for us. >> it appears that this entire thing that went on yesterday was a hoax but sheriff's deputies not taking any chances. they are going to have additional deputies at montevista high and also at lincoln elementary something that begin four miles from here in san jose. take a look at message that started this entire thing, at linbrook high school a spray-painted threat about a bomb and threat about a teacher. that threat led to santa clara county sheriff's deputies closing down montevista and lincoln elementary. bomb-sniffing dogs were called out. they checked out the campus. a room by room search went on. shortly after the 11:00
that crosses the california aqua duct. witnesses say the driver of an 88 oldsmobile swerved across the yellow line and snatched into the big rig. the boy, believed to be between 8 and 9 years old, died at the scene. the driver, a 21-year-old woman from bay point, died at the hospital. the supreme court said it will take up two same-sex marriage cases, including california's proposition 8. >> i have been waiting for three years to enjoy the same privilege these folks are enjoying. >> the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage in it and the tenth amendment said what's not in the federal powers belongs to the states. >> the justice less likely decide by late june whether gay couples have the constitutional right to marry. >> authorities believe 23-year-old rebecca was involved in the murder of 17-year-old daniel. the victim was killed a week ago on pacific avenue. detectives believe the murder was gang related and he did not act alone. >>> this morning richmond police are warning women about a rapist the assaults have happened off 23rd street and garvin avenue all in a five mont
a.m. this is the 8th walkout by members of the california nurses association against sutter health this year. the union has been in contentious contract negotiations for 18 months. sutter health says the strike was shrewdly calculated to cost extra because they have to pay fill-in nurses for the entire week for one day. >>> we havertpÑ new video showig firefighters putting out flames on a us airways jet late last night at sky harbor international airport in phoenix. fire officials say a small fire erupted in the rear of the plane. crews sprayed theb foam, it is believed that the auxillary power unit which supplies electricity to the plane overheated. no passengers were on the plane. >>> southwest airlines downplaying it, passengers tell us something happened on a flight phoenix to oakland, fire crews and paramedics responded to the airport for a potential hydraulic failure onboard flight 1033. a flight attendant announced they should be grateful for the pilot's skill in landing but didn't say why. no word from southwest. >>> netflix is still down this morning after the video strea
has experts optimistic about california's water supply as we head into the new year.órq;w storms replenished many of the , heavy snow has increased the snow pack to nearly 150% above normal for this time of year. >> we got a partial supply already in the bank either in reservoir storage or snow pack. however, it still depends on the remainder of thepvycmót(j 2/3 of the wet season is still left. >> snow pack runoff normally provides california with a third of itsqz water supply. >>> state health providers are sounding the alarm about a potential flu outbreak lead doctor for the vaccine program says state will see a surge in flu cases in january. the reason, there's been an outbreak of influenza in other parts of the country and holiday travelers returning to california are likely bringing the virus back with them. children are returning to school soon where germs are more easily spread. >>> closer look this morning at the guns taken off the street after a gun buy-back program in southern california. among the weapons turned in, three fully automatic world war ii machine guns and
to southern california. it could be a tough drive through the grapevine if you are heading to southern california. lookout for that today. but the forecast model, even by 7:00, just shows some cloud cover. nothing in the north bay. possibly a stray shower through the santa cruz mountains and then through the morning hours just some light returns. again, mainly along the coast, the peninsula and santa cruz. lunchtime all of us dry. clear skies. stray shower here and there. but by 5:00 it's all gone and less cloud cover, as well. there is still a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. northwest swells up to 14 feet. strong rip currents, large breaking waves and current wave heights right now 10 feet in san francisco, 13 feet in bodega bay. temperatures slightly below normal. it's on the cool side even though we will see sunnier conditions this afternoon. 52 in vallejo. 51 fremont and in san jose. you will find low 50s through parts of the monterey bay with 53 in santa cruz and 50 in gilroy. so we did get up to half an in inch the santa cruz mountains and about a quarter inch i
a reprieve today yesterday's wet weather maker wreaking havoc in southern california. unsettled cold flow coming from alaska, 4:00 tomorrow morning by 7:00 all of us except east bay and south bay valleys are wet end of the commute 9:00 everybody wet with light rain none starting to taper afternoon hours breaks in the cloud cover as we head overnight into saturday morning increase in clouds rain moves in noon saturday and hangs around for the better part of the afternoon into the evening. even though it looks more impressive saturday, rain will be lighter up to a 10th of an inch, 10th to quarter of an inch tomorrow. >>> emergency crews on the san mateo all lanes are open earlier fatal accident cleared. traffic recoverying nicely. a bit of slug taeurbl lights towards the highrise, typical things pick up towards foster city. good news if you commute san mateo bridge earlier accident cleared. san rafael clear no fog past lucas valley road, freitas parkway on to north san pedro road past civic center, golden gate bridge no problems bart having a delay due to unscheduled track repairs at pleasa
, this man speaks out. california man who baby sat newtown school gunman adam lanza reveals what he was like as a kid. >> students heading back to school for the first time since the mass shooting in connecticut. they have a lot of questions and concerns. in san francisco, teachers will in san francisco, teachers will have a little help with my keurig vue brewer, i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue. >>> good morning, it is 6:29. you are looking at live picture at the santa cruz mountains, rain is light. terry mcsweeney is up there and will tell you more about that coming up. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. the question for you right now before you head to work, is it off or on for you. >> good morning. steady rain down in the santa cruz mountains, steady rain was up in the north bay, you can see a lot of blue and a little bit of green. we have some drizzle and light rain. we are picking up l
basket to reach the victim he died after >>> if you are heading down the california coast today traffic alert. caltrans will be allowing controlled traffic only through a major rock slide area near big sur this morning. boulders and road damage closed a stretch of highway 1 from the big sur inn, south to lucia sunday the slide area remains active, caltrans will control one lane for use at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. today. >>> in east palo alto, water district workers keeping a close eyeßx on san francisquito creek. earlier this week the creek flooded causing evacuation of seven homes and a levee to leak. repairs have been made to the levee, so far, so good. >> it is looking fine as long as we don't get any more precipitation we are not anticipating any more downpours./qr=(z we are assessing damage. >> residents say the flooding happens all the time. city officials are aware and qk a public works t scheduled f9##x the spring will fixv<úz things once and for all. >>> crab fishermen north of the bay area will get two more weeks of unwanted vacation. fish and game has moved back the start o
said it will try again to launch a long range rocket, one capable of reaching northern california. they said the launch will take place sometime between 22nd. it comes as their leader meets to chinese officials to discuss relations. it also comes ahead of south korea's december 19th presidential election. the north launched a long range rocket in april but it broke apart shortly after liftoff. they say they have made improvements. >> and there was a change ever hands of mexico's authorities. president elect enrique peno nieto was given the flag in front of the guard of honor and the new cabinet. en mean neat will officially be sworn into office later today. he's a member of the revolutionary party which ruled mexico for seven decades until losing power amidst scandal in 2000. he proms to govern democratically and with transparency. >>> an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii." while authorities are trying to decide whether to reopen about two miles of beach. he was snorkeling on maui when the shark attacked him about 200 yards offshore. thomas kennedy suffered cu
a nearby week. we want your weather photos, send them to ureport. >>> california's controversial ban on gay conversion therapy for minors is on hold u.s. district judge ruled late yesterday the state must hold off because of concerns it could infringe on first amendment rights. the ruling only applies to the southern california therapist who are trying to overturn the ban. governor brown signed the ban earlier this year. set to take effect january 1st. >>> britain's kate middleton remains in the hospital following the announcement that she and prince william are expecting their first child. kate is being treated for severe morning sickness which causes severe dehydration and nausea and affects one out of every 285 pregnancies. she is expected to make a full recovery. stay with abc7 morning news katie marzullo will have more. lara spencer is in london and will have a live report coming up at 7:00. >>> traffic and weather together next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside you are looking at the golden gate bridge traffic heading to san francisco, dry here now, rain is on the way, meteo
the university of california decided to nicks plans to use a colorful logo. it feature as small scene nestled in a shield inside a u. it came under fire for students and alumni who called it bland and nondescript. they asked the university to go back to the classic logo it used for 144 years. the space agency will intentionally crash the two probes into a cliff near the lunar north pole. they launched the grail mission in september of last year. it has been a huge success. it will end with a bank it sounds like. >> here on earth. >> it is quiet and cold this morning. no rain yet. we are expecting rain not only today but tomorrow as well. here is a live look from our roof camera. more clouds in the north bay. the lower clouds bringing fog around the bay. we have clear skies central coast. 7 degrees in trucky. show ago little light rain well up to the north near lleytonville. it is 89, 90 miles away. you can see more of it. good morning livermore 32 for you with fog developing. 46 in san francisco. 40 mountain view, 38 in san jose. quarter mile visibility in livermore. mile and a quarter in san
of a former chemistry teacher who passed way in january. >>> in a few hours the california public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on pg&e's request to raise rates for customers to help pay for it two billion dollar pipeline safety plan. the upgrades come in the wake of deadly explosion that killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. pg&e has requested customers pay more than 90% of the cost. arguing ratepayers should pay for the majority of the work because the upgrade is being undertaken to comply with new state and federal regulations. >>> the fight for painter thomas kincade's 66 million dollar estate is over. his estranged wife and live-in girlfriend have reached a settlement they've not made details public. the two had been fighting over the artist's estate since he died last april. >>> traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside&átt. san rafael, 101, traffic getting a little heavy, not too bad. sue is watching a muni line you should avoid. she will also tell you about alternates. fire is contained but there's a muni impact. >>>
central valley towards the coast. southern california sunshine today about 60°. >>> 6:25 here in california hours from celebrating new year's. in some parts of the world that celebration is well underway. auckland, new zealand one of the first cities to set off fireworks from the top of the sky tower as time moves across be the last place to welcome the new year. >>> crystal covered ball that will drop in times square is ready to ring in the new year. officials say everything appears to be working as planned. the 12,000 pound ball covered in 2700 waterford crystals, lit by more than 32,000 l.e.d. lights the is about spreading peace. -- the theme is about spreading peace. you can watch beginning 11:30 tonight. >>> tax cut negotiations come down to the wire. crucial meetings happening this morning to keep the country from going over that fiscal cliff. >>> big break in mysterious murder of a south bay millionaire. >>> health care for secretary of state clinton. new d ñ this december 31st, new year's eve, the last day of 2012, we are starting out you can see in this live picture
the crash site where her plane went down over the weekend. this video shows rivera's california driver's license it appears to be partially melted. the 43-year-old singer was best known for -- six others were onboard, no one survived, leave a comment on facebook page. >>> australian deejays who pulled a prank on the nurse caring for kate middleton who then kill herself are speaking out. kira klapper is live in the newsroom with a look at their tearful apology. >> reporter: the dee have as -- the deejays are emotional and candid their employer is expressing deep regret and this morning announced it has cancelled the radio show. the two deejays will not return until further notice the company has suspended all prank calls, pulled advertising and ordered an internal investigation. the deejays impersonated the queen and prince charles. they received confidential details about kate's medical information from nurse jacintha saldanha she was found dead three days later. in a tearful interview the deejays say it is gut-wrenching to think they may be responsible for the nurse's death. >> it is
of december 24th. the california nurse's association says the strike effects 7 bay area hospitals operated better health and two more san jose hospitals affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. this would be the 8th strike buy cna since september last year. it has junior leaders and hospital managers remain at odds over staffing levels health benefits and other contract issues. >>> oakland wants to build a new job center but says the plan to pay for it is a sell out for the community. that is because the money would come from revenues generated by a new billboard near the bay bridge toll plaza. the story from abc 7 news reporter. >> one plight is another crucial funding source. that's the gist of the controversy over how to pay for a new job attica rear resource center. it would fund the center with proceed from five new bright and shiny billboards along the freeway at the bay bridge landing. they would join the three that are already there. >> it is a monday stross city i will grant you that but those decisions have been made in negotiations. some of the revenue from the billb
. the california state teachers ?áÑ revealed yesterday it was reviewing its investment with the equity firm cerberus who owns bush master the maker in of the rifle used in the shooting. new this morning, cerberus announced it was putting that part of the company up for sale. >>> gun sales are up following the school shooting as gun owners worry about new legislation. there's new controversy over a new gun store in the south bay. >> reporter: in los gatos university avenue this coming saturday, tell sports having its grand opening, -- tell sports having its grand opening, it has been planned for quite a white there is controversy. this is a sporting goods store going to be selling fishing gear, also described as a high end custom gun shop, that's where the debate comes in. >> kill things. that's why as a community, we would like to know about that product before it is available on our shelves in our outlets. >> any time you can bring business to town it is positive. i don't think that there is -- they are going to be handing out guns like candy, why is it a real problem? >> reporter: deborah
california. low to mid 30s through the sierra with the snow, two to four more inches above 4,000 feet, trachy travel through 4:00 this afternoon. >>> north bay intersection shutdown, flood waters impassable at highways 12 and 121. terry mcsweeney is live there. >> reporter: today is when it will reopen they say can't tell you the exact hour. road closed flooded that's the story here. pictures from last night this is why the road was closed -- >> we apologize for the microphone levels there. as you heard terry say it going to reopen later today, the time is the part we don't know yet. >>> christmas day storms throughout the south blamed for three deaths and several injuries one twister caught on video in mobile, alabama the tornado left thousands without power damaged homes, high school and church this morning it is estimated 34 tornadoes hit the deep south as the storm moves northeast today, travel is expected to be a mess for flyers heading home. >>> president obama cutting short his christmas holiday in hawaii to resume talks on averting the fiscal cliff. the president and the first lady sp
did find and arrest the 23-year-old driver. >>> california law banning therapy aiming at turning gay minors straight has been blocked by a federal court of pleams. the law was passed in the state legislature and signed by the governor but the court blocked the law to take effect until it can hear arguments on whether or not it is constitutional. >>> the last weekend before christmas shopping frenzy is under way and retailers are trying something new to help the last minute shoppers -- 24-hour sales. >> all the last minute stuff, i got but i still have a few to go, but i'm close. >> reporter: richard is last minute shopper who has come to mall. they have en ties. for people like humphrey. there are some offering 75% off but full two days of shopping and sales is macy's this is one of more of 800 stores nationwide that is staying open a full 48 hours. the idea is to make sure that shoppers can find a store open. >> i'm concerned about who they will have coming in at 3:00 in the morning and shop. that is kind of crazy. >> 57 macy's stores will stay open around the clock until christmas
to near 50 most of the rain in southern california now where going to stay mid 60s there sierra will die the rain and snow, snow tapering now low 40s there 51 sacramento, 59 fresno, 47 near chico. here's the winter weather advisory tomorrow 4:00, to wednesday 4:00, 10 15 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. >>> if you are getting ready to buy a new vacuum there are lots of choices. >> michael finney shows us which models clean best in a new consumer reports at the time. >> reporter: good morning. no one likes to call have you thought about how many miles you've vacuumed in your life? probably not. the consumer reports has. in its latest test, testifiers vacuumed 16 miles of -- testers vacuumed 16 miles. vacuums are these days are stylish and sleek these are some of the 73 uprights consumer reports put through tough tests. >> from $80 to more than $1,000. >> reporter: the most important test how well a vacuum cleans carpet, a mix of sand and powder into a carpet, then testers use a weighted roller to push the dirt in then time to vacuum. some make big claims like this eureka suction seal. >>
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